3 thoughts on “Negotiations is Moving To Palm Springs…So Are We

  1. Proposal #50 and the removal of the Manager’s authority to issue Unpaid no penalty time off are unacceptable.
    When the State Governor declares a weather emergency and declares tha all traffic to be minimized save for Emergency and DOT vehicles This company ignored that. The company gives us the advice to use our own judgement; to obey the company or the Governor.
    Without the UL capability any law-abiding employee could/ and have been penalized.
    Ya see, the company isn’t liable for our safety going to and from work. So much for the psuedo-concerns for our safety.
    Going outside the regular job routings is necessary when HR places an industrial illustrator with portfolio in the mail room, a currently licensed pilot as an E ‘n E, or an Electronics technician with 20+ years background in the field as a tank sealer.
    The New overtime restrictions of no Overtime until AFTER 40 hours on The Job is a bit iffy.
    Maybe we wont HAVE to strike butWe gotta make these Suits unnerstand that If you get what you pay for. The greatest asset this (or any corporation) has are its people. We’ll naturally have a tendancy to follow those who treat us respectfully…. an’ so far the HR here ain’t it.

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