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1/30/14 Negotiations Update

After 3 weeks of long/hard hours, your negotiating committee wrapped up the non-economic portion of the contract negotiations with the company’s counterparts.

As in past negotiations, the company wanted and wanted!!  Always expecting us to see that they “wanted/needed” movement in certain areas to make things work.  In their eyes, a “win/win situation for all!  The cold hard reality: a win/ loose scenario, with our members being on the loosing end!

One item that the company seemed to be stuck on was changing the process on how Arbitrators are picked as per Art III, Sect 4.  This is a simple process to follow as it currently reads, but the company was insistent on changing it.  Let’s put it this way: it wasn’t broke, thus it didn’t need to be fixed.  Limited movement on this issue. 

The company was wanting and was willing to do some “trading”, especially when it came to Seniority items!  Not just NO, but HECK NO!!

Overtime was a KEY concern and issue to us, as well as the company.  But their idea of fixing it and ours were 2 different things.  A committee consisting of 2 per side met to come up with some ideas.  On of the company’s ideas had been, and revolved around the intent/desire of the company to establish “team codes” rather then the standard “department” as is the case now.  The way your committee figured it, was if you think you want/need these “team codes”, then we want/need to increase the number of Shop Stewards: one (1) per team code established, not as it currently is, one per department.  When we presented that as an option to the company for their “team codes”, they put it in reverse quickly and said they just could not accept the idea of increasing the Shop Steward count!  Thus, both ideas/proposals died on the vine! 

After a somewhat rough/interesting day, the company wanted to convey that they came here to negotiate and make changes for the improvement of all!!  Ya, right.  Improvement for them maybe.  Our proposals were the improvement aspect. 

In the end, some middle ground was found on a few of the company’s proposals, and not to take anything away from the company, they too found some acceptance and/or middle ground on some of your negotiations team proposals.  One that we felt strongly about was the issue on going salary and then coming back to hourly.  Should this contract be ratified come March, if an hourly were to then go into a sourly, whoops, I mean “salary”, position, that individual would have 1 year to decide to stay in salary, or to return to hourly without loosing any previously obtained seniority!  Your choice.  A non represented salary position, or a bargaining unit member with seniority! 

Time permitting, we will try to get all non-economic proposals on line.  In any case, they will be available for viewing in the LB&F after the Economic portion of negotiations is complete.  Your committee has been battle tested and is now ready to start this next phase in Palm Springs starting Sunday, Feb 9th, with the intent being to wrap it all up by Sunday, Feb 23.  Your negotiating committee needs and appreciates your support!  Again, our intent will be to keep you updated DAILY, but please be patient should time constraints or issues prevent us from doing so.  Thank you Brothers and Sisters.

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiations Team!!

1/28/14 Negotiations Update

Negotiations proceeded today with counter proposals on overtime.  The Company said they were glad to receive our counter, but time will tell what actually happens.  We formed a subcommittee to try to come up with some common ground we can agree to and will find out tomorrow if this worked.  Your committee is hopeful that this will work, but we still don’t trust the motives of the Company.  We continue to look out for the member in all of our proposals. Stay tuned!

 Your Negotiating Committee

1/23/14 Negotiations Update

We continued negotiations on the 23rd mostly by responding to Company proposals. A lot of their proposals are what we consider take away language and we have no interest in changing language of this sort. Your committee will continue to work for your interest.

Our next meeting with company representatives is scheduled for Tuesday.

In Solidarity
Your negotiating Commitee

1/22/14 Negotiations Update

Brothers and Sisters,

Your negotiating team met with Company representatives this morning with one thing in mind; to receive all of the Company’s remaining non-economic proposals. The Company has repeatedly asked for our movement on issues. Without all proposed changes from the Company it would be hard to come to a conclusion on any one of them without knowing and understanding any ramifications that would entail if they somehow were tied to another Article and/or Section. With this in mind, and conveying such to the Company representatives later that morning, an “extended caucus” ensued. The Company was wanting to imply that we were not willing to negotiate accordingly! As we pointed out to them, NO, we could not make any further attempt to make movement on their proposals until we had ALL in hand, and until then, they could get a hold of us at the Hall! By mid day we had ALL of their remaining proposals in hand. Once the meeting took place, the Company’s true colors once again came through.

Article VI: A change on attendance “before” and “after” a holiday; Leaves without pay by Union members for Union business. All proposals do NOT weigh in our favor!!

Art VII: Receive an EPN – get NO rate progression for that period!; Elimination of the Base Rate “step reduction formula” for downgrades. Simply putting it – you drop, and you drop NOW!; O/T PAY- DON’T WORK A COMPLETE 40 HOUR WEEK, NO O/T PAY UNTIL YOU HIT 40 HOURS!!!; O/T qualification criteria- they don’t think you can do the job, you don’t get the O/T!!

There were a few “simple” language change/clean up items, only to bring the wording up to date. With that, no real problem. But as you can tell from above, PROBLEMS DO EXIST!! We will continue to meet and negotiate accordingly!!

Brothers and Sisters, The battle continues and we will see what the Company intends to throw at us come time to go into Economics!!! Stay Tuned!!



1/21/14 Negotiations Update

We responded to the Company proposal on Article 4 today.  They proposed language that your committee believes will restrict what we already have.  The committee believes we already have the language to protect you on seniority and promotions but they want more control.  Your committee is standing strong on any proposed take away language to protect what you already have.

Your Negotiating Committee

1/17/14 Negotiations Update

We continue to work on and have some major differences on article 3 the Grievance and arbitration article, but are making a little progress working thru them.

They passed Article 4 Seniority in the afternoon asking for major changes.

1. These changes included doubling the probationary period.

2. Hugh changes for displacement rights to previously held classifications and allowing the site manager total control to determine if you are worthy of holding the classification, and the ability to perform immediately in that classification.

3. Doubling the time for Temporary layoffs.

4. Reducing the recall time to 24 months.

5. Major reductions to the Non-reporting period.

The Company communicated numerous times across the table that you must be more productive and efficient. Brothers and Sisters, you are the most efficient, loyal, dedicated, and productive employees on cutting edge technology in the world. These proposals are far from being acceptable. Your abilities and skills have made the Company what they are today and you need to tell them that.

In solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee.

1/15/14 Negotiations Update

Palmdale non-economics
Day 2 continues to move slowly. Your negotiations committee passed ALL of our non-economic proposals yet the company is only passing ONE article at a time for the union. They are proposing takeaways on the grievance and arbitration language and an extended contract. They are also proposing more restrictions on the stewards.

Your Committee

1/14/14 Negotiations Update

Palmdale non-Economics
Your negotiations committee opened up with non-economics today by passing our non-economic proposals to the Company. The Company, in turn, provided their non-economic proposal to your committee.

We spent the remainder of the initial meeting working through Article 1.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

Your Negotating committee