1/15/14 Negotiations Update

Palmdale non-economics
Day 2 continues to move slowly. Your negotiations committee passed ALL of our non-economic proposals yet the company is only passing ONE article at a time for the union. They are proposing takeaways on the grievance and arbitration language and an extended contract. They are also proposing more restrictions on the stewards.

Your Committee

4 thoughts on “1/15/14 Negotiations Update

  1. Don’t give in on the take ways and as for an extended contract not only “NO” but “HELL NO! Unless they are willing to bring Ft Worth into the same contract schedule meaning they are negotiating at the same time as the rest of us! KEEP THE FAITH MY BROTHER AND SISTERS!

  2. would be nice if our stewards took our negations seriously cause as you know Ray we have two stewards in our shop (days and swing)and never once got a follow up survey or anything information from them. No to the contract and Yes for strike

  3. So my comment wont get posted if I don’t say how good our representation is …I pay 77 a month and I cant voice my opinion that it has been horrible no has done anything about subcontracting in our department and am suppose to tell every how great our hall has been, that’s why it is being ran by the grand lodge

  4. Charles; If there are problems in, and/or around your shop, please convey such to your Steward. If you can not find or get ahold of him, please swing by the hall and enlighten us on the situation/s that you are mentioning. If it does not get to our attention, we can not even attempt to do anything about it! Admittingly, it has been hard to get ahold of your Steward. We absolutely want, and for the most part have been, successful at getting the follow up surveys out. Again, having had no success at contacting your Steward, you most certainly can come over to the hall and pick up surveys for your departments coworkers. Perhaps a Shop Steward position would be in your future.
    Bus. Rep., 273-1433 (hall), 803-9462 (cell)

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