1/17/14 Negotiations Update

We continue to work on and have some major differences on article 3 the Grievance and arbitration article, but are making a little progress working thru them.

They passed Article 4 Seniority in the afternoon asking for major changes.

1. These changes included doubling the probationary period.

2. Hugh changes for displacement rights to previously held classifications and allowing the site manager total control to determine if you are worthy of holding the classification, and the ability to perform immediately in that classification.

3. Doubling the time for Temporary layoffs.

4. Reducing the recall time to 24 months.

5. Major reductions to the Non-reporting period.

The Company communicated numerous times across the table that you must be more productive and efficient. Brothers and Sisters, you are the most efficient, loyal, dedicated, and productive employees on cutting edge technology in the world. These proposals are far from being acceptable. Your abilities and skills have made the Company what they are today and you need to tell them that.

In solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee.

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