1/22/14 Negotiations Update

Brothers and Sisters,

Your negotiating team met with Company representatives this morning with one thing in mind; to receive all of the Company’s remaining non-economic proposals. The Company has repeatedly asked for our movement on issues. Without all proposed changes from the Company it would be hard to come to a conclusion on any one of them without knowing and understanding any ramifications that would entail if they somehow were tied to another Article and/or Section. With this in mind, and conveying such to the Company representatives later that morning, an “extended caucus” ensued. The Company was wanting to imply that we were not willing to negotiate accordingly! As we pointed out to them, NO, we could not make any further attempt to make movement on their proposals until we had ALL in hand, and until then, they could get a hold of us at the Hall! By mid day we had ALL of their remaining proposals in hand. Once the meeting took place, the Company’s true colors once again came through.

Article VI: A change on attendance “before” and “after” a holiday; Leaves without pay by Union members for Union business. All proposals do NOT weigh in our favor!!

Art VII: Receive an EPN – get NO rate progression for that period!; Elimination of the Base Rate “step reduction formula” for downgrades. Simply putting it – you drop, and you drop NOW!; O/T PAY- DON’T WORK A COMPLETE 40 HOUR WEEK, NO O/T PAY UNTIL YOU HIT 40 HOURS!!!; O/T qualification criteria- they don’t think you can do the job, you don’t get the O/T!!

There were a few “simple” language change/clean up items, only to bring the wording up to date. With that, no real problem. But as you can tell from above, PROBLEMS DO EXIST!! We will continue to meet and negotiate accordingly!!

Brothers and Sisters, The battle continues and we will see what the Company intends to throw at us come time to go into Economics!!! Stay Tuned!!



One thought on “1/22/14 Negotiations Update

  1. Brothers and Sisters. We as hourly laborers have never had it easy. If we elect to take time off, we have done so within the limits of our IAM contract language. To limit vacation usage means suffrage. The LM corporation means to squeeze profits off our sweat and dedication which at this point is proving meaningless. This is our reward!
    Let us not forget that March 2nd.

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