2/18/14 Evening Negotiations Update

This afternoon your negotiating committees walked away from their respective tables with the company’s latest economic proposal.
Below are the Company Proposals for Each Site:

Palmdale Marietta Sunnyvale

In the afternoon, your committees came together and prepared a counter proposal to the company’s proposal and presented it to company representatives this evening.
Below are the Union Proposals for Each Site:

Palmdale Marietta Sunnyvale

13 thoughts on “2/18/14 Evening Negotiations Update

  1. We have to fight for the benefits of new hires. It’s key to having a strong union. If we only think of ourselves membership will decline. Lockheed is using that tactic to erode our membership and unity.
    Show Lockheed that we will not sell out our future brothers and sisters!

  2. Thanks for all the great work the committee members are doing. The up to the minute postings are great, all of our members can finally see what little regard Lockheed has for us, the despicable offers they have made so far should convince all of our members that the “One Team” that Lockheed is always pushing is BS.
    And for those members of salary who are reading these postings just remember, what Lockheed does to us now, they will do to you later.
    We all have to stand together, to show Lockheed we are not the chumps they think we are.

  3. Lockheed is trying to devide and conqure us we need to stsnd and fight or we will all have to be on lmhealth works. Lets fight

  4. Well, I see they’ve effectively gutted EAP. With their current allowed $ of just over $5k, a person trying to get a 4 yr degree would take about 8 to 10 years at current tutition costs. A well educated work force benefits the company, not only in increased knowledge base and moral, but in cost effectiveness by using in-house personnel who have already been indoctrinated in company policies and culture, and have an established work record rather than new-hires who typically are not effective for 6 months to a year just from learning the basics. VERY short sighted viewpoint for the company to take on this item. The Return On Investment to the Company just went out the door, for a very short term gain on the bottom line. With an aging experienced workforce moving out towards retirement, being able to promote from within to fill these spots with the younger personnel who work side by side with the older people makes too much sense.

    1. You can thank our negotiators for that. By changing the wording of the union contract to read per the company tuition reimbursement plan we are now limited. That’s a painful takeaway.

  5. Education assistance is no good anyway. The school program has to be approved by the company which means they just deny deny deny anyway. I’ve been through it. Only certain select schools qualify. Then, only Science, engineering and some Business programs qualify. Unless you are a degrees salary going for a Masters…. Ed. Assistance is no good.

  6. “POSITION TO WIN” for who? Seems like “their” PTW is based on our economics! Does the President or CEO, or Chairman/woman of the board, or any other executive have that clause in their contract? I bet they don’t because the company believes it is important to have a QUALITY person in that position! Have them come down to the floor and turn a wrench or drill a part or clean a toilet and see if they think that a PTW is right! Or they can jut fore go their corporate raises and bonuses for the next 4 yrs and that should put us in a better PTW! But I will continue to breath normally!

  7. The 1st year should read 2014 not 2013.

    BTW the education assistance via LM has always been a joke. I have a BBS w/ the plan, then as soon as I finished LM decided to no longer recognize a NATIONALLY accredited school they assisted w/………..what a waste of 2 years, because it turned out to be pointless.

  8. You people are doing a great job, I know it’s frustrating, I’ve been there. I bet Mike Goddard is fit to be tied. Stay calm and focused, we are watching here at SWFPac, and we are behind you all. What the company is proposing there is rediculous and we will expect to see it here in 2016 and we will be ready. Keep up the good fight, Stay Strong, in unity we will prevail.

  9. It appears that Lm has no money for you. The salary of the current CEO went up 92% in 3 years, but no money for you. Record backlog of $80 billion+, but no money for you. A dividend of nearly $5.00 per share over the last 4 quarters, but no money for you. Just became the title sponsor of the Armed Forces Bowl for, well no one is saying, but no money for you.

    I am always hearing how much LM appreciates its workers, how important they are to the success of the company. As the old saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Well here is the action. It appears that we mean less and less every time a contract is negotiated. Enough is enough! It is ast time that we remind management just how important the labor force is to the bottom line! LKet management try to build the product that makes the money. All the executive management can do is make sales. Lets see how the bottom line looks without product. Lets let them create the dividend for the stockholder with sales, but no product!

    Remember, they are counting on us not calling their bluff. Stand Together and Walk The Line!!

  10. I know our negotiators are working hard to bring us home a fair contract. But the company doesn’t want that to happen! We the union members really need to stand together and show the company we mean business.

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