2/19/14 Negotiations Update

Today Company representatives presented the company’s latest economics proposal. They also seemed quite hostile toward your committees.

It seems that they feel we haven’t moved as much as they would like us to…

Below are the proposals for each site:




13 thoughts on “2/19/14 Negotiations Update

  1. Keep your COLA from now on.
    They’ve been only an insult for the last 20 years anyhow.
    I have no idea why we waste time even discussing them.
    We deserve REAL RAISES!
    No return to the compensation practices of the 1990s, that only stalled our pay as inflation crept on ahead.

  2. Actual and Reasonable language for travel!? Come on committee…. This is no benefit. Do not let the company do this. Straight Per Diem is the option to go for. Do not agree to this! This is a strike issue to me.

  3. I really am flabbergasted at the overall picture when it shows that the company doesn’t want to take care of the folks who put them in the position they are in…. I know this seems trivial to some.. The company should know we have there back, and the worker should know the company has ours…its time to quit taking away what we have earned..Make your workers feel like we are in good hands. It makes folks respect and want to produce more.. I just don’t get it.. Oh yeah there is that greed thing that keeps raring its ugly head..

  4. Why does Palmdale salary personal get paid their regular salary (“9″ hours ) on holidays and us peasants are only getting “8″ hours pay? When I signed contract to work for Lockheed it was for 40 hours a week regardless if a holiday fell in there. As far as I’m concerned the company has breached our agreement since implementing the 9/80 schedule. Now would be a good time to fix this.

    Why fight for 3 days “unpaid” bereavement leave? Really guys why bother? We Need to at the very least get paid for it same as company salary personal do.
    Oh boy I get 3 days unpaid “infraction free” days”!!! If I have a family member pass the last thing in my mind is “Lockheed” and getting an infraction.

    1. The 3 days unpaid absence is a start. The wording immediate family members of spouse, mother, father, and dependents of record with LM? What about grown children of the employee? You know mgt will take the hard line on contract language when it’s in their interest.

  5. I say bullshit! Why because ft worth gets paid bereavement and both my parents passed away last year but are getting buried next weekend with full military honors because they served during the Korean War! But if the facts are checked its fairly common for both to die within a six month span! Must be my fault they didn’t plan it better!!!!

  6. The bereavement clause is a slap down. They already give us all of the UNPAID time off we need to take care of issues.
    The issue of Art. VI Sect 1c. on the ($.10) raise increase dates back to the 50′s and requires an increase
    Art. VI sect. 1b. on automatic pay increase of $.25 per quarter is also a slap in the face. Large aerospace companies such as Southwest Airline increase their workers pay to where they top out at 60mo. To show that they are part of the company.
    Art. VI Sect 2c. Lead pay, WTF, Pass the company a quarter and tell them to buy a clue.
    And Retirement, maybe concider a 3 or 4 dollar a year bump starting now, buy the end of the contract we will see $100- $104

    All of you are doing a great job sticking to the needs of the rest of us. You know, the ones that do the work and make everyone elses pay. We here at SWFPAC will be wearing as much RED tomorrow as possible. Keep going

  7. I want to say that I know the company and the union can do better. First, the retirement needs to be kicked up to $100 and get rid of this four year progression thing. Second, the company needs to let us keep our BCBS HMO, and at a truly reasonable rate, $200 bucks a week is not a possibility. Thirdly, the company need to stop trying to tear apart this union by trying to exclude the new and rehires from any and all benefits. Lastly, the UNION needs to push to get us the fair requirement of 9 hours of holiday pay for each of regular 9 hour day shift that we would have worked, and 8 hours for any 980 friday, that way we get a 40 hour pay check for those holiday’s. Thats what we need to do and those are the stirke issues.

  8. I feel if anyone needs help with the math, it’s management. All we ask for is a fair contract that ensures our standard of living. Do the math…….how much does our CEO make again??? This is not a ( football )game. This is our livelihood and if we have to show you, we will!

  9. “New Lockheed Top Executive Mending Fences With Military, Union Workers”

    This was the headline for an article posted last July in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram
    which outlined Lockheed Martin’s recently appointed Top Executive’s vision for
    the corporation.
    While Mr. Carvalho’s efforts in reaching out to employees to mend fences as well as
    improving customer relations are certainly a welcome change from the hostile
    arrogance of the former leadership it seems now that the company’s negotiators
    have abandoned that effort during the 2014 contract negotiations.
    We want a prosperous LM Aero, we also want an equitable share of that prosperity.

  10. Lockheed Martin are trying to force you to take LM Health Care medical by rasing the cost of BCBS (HMO) to where you cannot aford it. Do the math there no way any
    insurance cost 10,400.00 a year this is your part and the co. paying 85 % on top of that.
    what a joke. get real. is this a miss print or what.

  11. Lockheed is still trying to pick and choose who gets the up to $30,000 max.
    1,000 each year of service. if you have 25 years plus. If thay want some of the
    high seniority out thay need to offer it to all employees.Forthworth offered it to
    all in there contrack.

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