2/20/14 Negotiations Update

All committees worked long into the night so that we could present to company representatives our counter proposal to the proposals they presented to us yesterday.

Below are the Unions Proposals For Each Site:

Palmdale Marietta Sunnyvale

64 thoughts on “2/20/14 Negotiations Update

  1. Why is Palmdale the only committee pressing Field Duty Pay? We need to be able to charge Straign Per Diem. Even the Palmdale language is ambiguous though. Contract language needs to be straight forward. Straight Per Diem!

  2. I cannot believe the union has come all the way down to 2.5% raise for the first 2 years. We start at 6% and come down to 2.5% and the company thinks we are not trying. Don’t give anymore, it’s time to STRIKE for what we deserve!

  3. Looks like an acceptable place to call it quits.
    This is the IAM’s best, last and final offer.

    “So let it be written, so let it be done”

      1. Yes it is because the negotiating committee is recommending it. It’s all over.
        Used to be there were 2, 3 even 4 LBFO’S but as sad as it is, this is the one were stuck with now.

  4. Some progress. We need to see what has been agreed to. Looking at different sites there is conflicting info as to what has been agreed to. Now that the Union has moved significantly compared to the Company; it is time for them to move!!!!

    1. Michael,

      The proposal we gave the company today should be compared to the proposal the company gave to us yesterday. Always look at the last proposal from the company and the last proposal from the union to compare where each side is at. Reply if you have more questions brother.

  5. This is the right time to propose a fair contract, here is what we need.
    1) GWI 4% , 3%, 3% , 3%
    2) $0.50 every 3 month APR
    3) $100.00 pension
    4) $3000.00 signing bonus.

    1. $100 pension huh, What about people like me who got screwed out of the pension, how about a bigger HCAP contribution for us? We are already divided and all you pre 2011 employees can think about is yourselves.

  6. I commend you guys for the hard work but I am really puzzled why would you ask for $99 for pension, 2.5% wage increase and you already accepted 4 year contract when you know the company with offer less than that. it is some what weird.

  7. We should have held firm on retirement at $105 for a while longer and maybe worked down to $100 late next week. Seems we are giving way to much to the company. No less that 3, 3, 3 and 4 on COLA

  8. I think you guys are doing a great job! Keep playing hardball. The Marietta plant is hopping like I have never seen it before. We have more walks scheduled for Friday. And, we will be walking every day until we leave on the 27th. Management doesn’t know what to do with us. One thing for sure though. We have removed any doubts from their minds what our intentions are. We are going to strike. Union Strong!!!

    1. Your welcome Sam. Keep the comments coming. Talking with our members sure beats talking with the company any day of the week and twice on Tuesday. :)

  9. If Lockheed Martin can sponser The Armed Services Bowel NCAA Football they can
    afford to give us a decent contract we produce a decent product for them. What did
    NCAA Football ever do for them? It cost Chick-fila upwards of 32Mil dollars annually to sponser The Chick-fila Bowel in Atlanta and they had to sign on to a multiple year contract, dont think that Lockheed Martin didn’t have to do the same.
    If this ever hit to headlines at CNN -HLN- FOX and AJC the companys stock 167$ per
    share would drop 40% maybe even 60% over night. We should put this to the test !!The news media is just waiting for a story on these negotiations at least thats what a friend in the news media business told me yeaterday.

  10. I think the negotiators are doing exemplary work…at least you have actual negotiations rather than the company coming in and dictating terms the way ULA did last time around…keep up the pressure and keep up the great work…guys in the plants, talk it up!

  11. Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate the $30 Million salary and comfortable retirement. Keep up the good work. Here’s a deal for you…. an equal-to-inflation raise on me and the new Executives!

    After all, all of this fuss and ‘Economics’ talk …. woo hoo, waa waa…is bickering about a TOTAL dollar amount that is less than one year of my total compensation!

  12. Of course I liked your original proposals better. Jus keep in mind thaat these Company folk come to the table giving the image of hard-done-by poor poor victims of hard times. Why, to here them tell it, they are just a coupla steps away from selling pencils on the street corner.
    However- – - –
    They don’t want us to even notice the Trade agreements being passed with more countries than have signed on to OUR F35 to buy the commercial version of the Go-Anywhere Do-Anything C130J.
    Those sales are right around the corner just awaiting this new contract. Oh yeah, and those C-130J sales will make the F35 projects look like ‘chump change’. Countries that don’t even have a Military Air Arm want our C130J.
    And let’s not forget the ‘rumor’ that the F22 might also return.
    God Bless us, EVERY one….

  13. Swing shift differential increase already off the table. Wow that didn’t take long.
    Bereavement is a joke.
    Stock is at a all time high and they are giving us peanuts.

  14. 5%-4%-4% time to strike!!! back to the table in 2017!!! GIVE NO MORE!!!!!!!!! lets shut em down, everyone knows salary cant build squat! when we get back we will have to fix all the qars they created

  15. Could we negotiate fair and equal treatment so Management gets off their damn high horse? For some reason if I make a mistake I am an idiot and need punished with an EPN. But when management makes mistakes they are ‘just human’. If I’m on a parts run or somewhere away from my desk I’m out screwing around, but when management is out they are ‘on business’. Heck, my half-assed manager gets to “routinely accept new job responsibilities” but when I do the same thing I’m told I don’t finish my job responsibilities. When my boss is thorough, I am slow. When I can’t get to something, I am lazy. He, is to busy. It’s a shame the Lockheed Martin Management is so hell bent on writing you up when something goes wrong, but doesn’t even mention your success unless they can it for his or her own yearly reviews. Well, Lockheed Martin Management… with your garbage proposals so far, you have showed us the truth in the ol’ saying “those that go to conferences are the ones that shouldn’t”.

    In this case though, our Committee members are the people who “Excel in the effective application of their skills” while management takes the cake for making a good cup of coffee. Lockheed Martin management. What a joke!

  16. Lockheed Martin are trying to force you to take LM Health Care medical by rasing the cost of BCBS (HMO) to where you cannot aford it. Do the math there no way any
    insurance cost 10,400.00 a year this is your part and the co. paying 85 % on top of that.
    what a joke. get real. is this a miss print or what.

  17. What ever became of the language stating the staffing levels for maintenace to be reduced from 243 to 60??
    I have seen where we have listed remaining noneconomic issues that were unacceptable and it wasnt ther but havent seen where it was removed either.

    1. Brother this is news to me. I work in maintenance, and this directly effects me. We in maintenance perform alot of critical tasks that if not done correctly could seriously impact the company’s ability to get new contracts, and to keep the ones that they have. If they eliminate maintenance, then guess what. They just screwed themselves, because none of the contractors have the tribal knowledge that I , and my co workers have. Where abouts did you hear or see this.

  18. Why do they always drop increases that would help the off shifts—- lead men are doing supervisor type work and getting pennies to do it that’s bad. Off shift differential is pathetic if you want the best people and leadership to support production 18 x 5 give some decent incentives!!!!! GE I got 10% give me a break not even the same city as the ball park!!!!

  19. Oh! Is the company doing good or bad? What kind of sharing do we get if it’s doing good? Oh I’m sorry it’s about being competitive in the future. so don’t dance around it if the top brass takes a pay cut of 20-25% I’ll take a five or ten but we know we don’t go there don’t talk about that… Bullshit!!! share in everything good and bad just not sure what it is? Oh soldiers usually die in battle but when they live they get an advancement never a promotion think about it never really getting there yeah figure in some real dollars versus the 70′s!!!!

  20. OK everyone this is our time!! take-aways for to long i was told DCMA told lockheed if we went on strike C-5 would have to wait for us to come back!! that is a bargaining chip my brothers and sisters!! we dont get a fair contract, we shut your program down!! i also must apoligize to a few of the salary people as i have worked for a couple that were awsome mechanics. but those are few and far in between.
    also keep in mind salary raises usally follow our contract so alot of them are probably on our side, hoping we get more so they get more.
    Stay SOLID Brothers and Sisters! This is OUR time to make a stand and let lockheed and they’re shareholders know That we are the ones Making them Profit and we demand to be compesated fairly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. If Im mistaken I apologise, but what is this part where the company can eliminate our health care if obama care ask for the cadillac tax, is this really what Im reading? we better do a better job of reading the fine print. Also they want to give us 2% for the first year in a lump sum payment, I dont know about you guys but Ill miss that extra pay on my overtime for the next year,and its based on your income so if you had a short year the damage will magnify…….watch these guys negotiating team……

  22. Last contract the company cracked the dam by exposing our weakness by getting all new hire retirements removed, this year they are trying to single out the smaller work groups by offering ER no raises while still offering ones to the rest, if they are successful doing this than the dam will blown open, they would have finally divided us. When a union does not stick together as one strong unit than it becomes many smaller units, then the company starts the domino effect on the rest. They look long term and we have been looking short term, thats why we have been losing ground.

    1. Why did you not post my previous message, didnt want the membership to see what you all did? This is why unions are failing around the country.

  23. why a four year contract? I’m used to my company showing me how they really love me every three years. as for being on workmans comp. I am finding out all the horror stories are really true!!!!!!

  24. If the committee has received the Company’s best, last and final offer why is it not going to be posted until tomorrow!? Do you feel special or something? Just want to control it for the hell of it? Why make the entire membership wait. This is our livelihood. Stop playing games with it…. It’s not like the offer will change! Post it now since you already have the company’s final offer!!!!!!!

    1. The committees are working to finalize all details of the offers. Once their work is complete and we have electronic copies of the offers on hand we will post them for you, the membership, to view.

  25. I don’t understand why some union locals websites are reporting the Best Last and final has been received early today. The iam2014 website doesn’t show it. I was under the impression that was the site for updates. I must not be on the right page. Can somebody give the link to where the Union did post the best last and final? Anxious to see.

    1. The committees are working to finalize all details of the offers. Once their work is complete and we have electronic copies of the offers on hand we will post them for you, the membership, to view.

  26. Not too bad committee! 3% raises and the 3% bonus from hours worked last year…. That’s like a 6% raise our first year! Nice work. Plus the $97 pension to boot. And a $3000 ratification bonus…. I like what I am hearing. We are pleased in Santa Cruz unless these are countered by some massive takeaways when the specifics are released. Congrats brothers. Not a bad deal so far.

  27. Yes buddy. The pension is what I cared mostly about. Thank you for protecting it. Now I can plan for retirement during this contract. Impressive negotiating!

  28. Here we are Saturday 11AM 2-22-14 where are they?
    I mean where is LB&F we were given it on2-20-14
    where is it ?? IS IT A DONE DEAL?????????????????

    1. I agree J.Read they can put all the other one’s on the web even before we got to work the next day where is this one?????? I’m pretty sure they will wait until late this afternoon before they post it.

  29. Marietta needs a union that actually works for the people, not the company. There is no union support at all! No meetings, no updates! The only time I see union members is when they want us to vote for them. After the voting is done you never see those people again!!What I’ve seen it is fair, people will not strike because they need their paychecks. Also what kind of union would ask its membership to take out a loan from their 401k in case of a strike?? Then tell them to put it back in one lump sum….knowing those people will spend it when there is no strike!! If you pull the money out, you will lose more money from interest earned. C’mon IAM, get your act together

  30. Let’s get ready to walk, people. The Company continues to throw the new and the yet to be hired under the bus. Odd shifts are punitive, as the Swing Shift ‘premium’ has been the same for over 30 years. This is just one example of how the Company ‘values’ their most important resource From NCAA sponsorships to double digit stock dividend increases, a stock price that has all but doubled in the last year ($85.91 to over $165), not to mention 7 digit executive salaries. Let’s shut it down and watch the fun, as some of this bunch try to figure out the business end of a rivet gun or drill motor. Most of the Company side if the table has never even touched the product. They need an introduction. Maybe then, they’ll gain some respect for the ones who really make their bread. Management, GET IN THE KITCHEN!!!

  31. As of the February Hourly Roster, almost 60% of the Bargaining Unit has been hired since the 1993 Contract. The top three populated classifications, 606-3, 396-3, and 682-3, comprise over a 3rd of the workforce. Anyone that has been hired since 1993, and Labor Grade 14 and below, their maximum pay rate is signicantly less than a pre-1993 employee. And with each year’s General Wage Increase, that gap grows wider. For example, a 606-3 or 396-3, that gap at present means over $155 weekly or more dramatically, over $8000 annually. DO THE MATH!!!
    This Company uses this to divide and conquer. They will continue to exploit these divisions if you let them.


  32. Did anyone notice the contingent acceptance time got moved from 8PM to 10PM on Sunday, March 2nd?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else interpret this as the Company realizing that this will be at best, a close vote?


  33. Young employees this is your future. Old employees how about stand up for young
    employees, and let vote to STRIKE!!!!!, AND SHOW THE COMPANY THAT WE ALL STAND TOGETHER!!!!!!

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