9 thoughts on “Marietta Non-Economic Last, Best, and Final Offers

  1. Is the functional line chart factory chart 4 correct? Why have 645-3 lost functional line placement rights to maintenance service worker? Marietta agreement.

    1. Most likely a typo, the current line chart does show the line back to Maintenance Service Worker.
      594-3 Refueler had that happen two contracts ago, but was resolved with Jason Shroeder’s help, once problem was brought to the Halls attention. We need to tell them of the issue you found.

  2. The Negotiating Committee needs only to present the Agreement to be voted on. We are not little children who need recommendations to accept anything. Most of the present bargaining unit graduated high school or higher education. We all can read and do the math, and come to our own conclusions on how to vote.
    We all need to vote our own consciences, devoid of any outside influence, including that of the Leadership and Negotiating Committee.


    1. In my 33 years at Lockheed, the Negotiating Committee has always given a recommendation on the contract. It is part of their job to tell the membership if they think it is the best deal. No one is stopping you from voting your conscience or reading the contract.

    1. I talked with a member of the Classification Grievance Committee and was told that the Flight Line Mech B classification has no functional line bumping rights.

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