Committees Unamimously Recommend Ratification

All IAM Negotiating Committees Unanimously Recommend Ratification of the
Last, Best, and Final Offers Proposed by Lockheed Martin on February 21, 2014.

All Sites will have their Ratification Vote on March 2, 2014.
For Times and Locations Contact Your Local Lodge

Below are the Site Specific Summaries of the Last, Best, and Final Offers:

Marietta, Clarksburg, and Meridian
Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz, and Vandenberg
Cape Canaveral

68 thoughts on “Committees Unamimously Recommend Ratification

    1. It’s still there. Not seeing it in the LBFO means it wasn’t changed from current contract language.
      You might want to ask the Hall about it next week, just to be sure.
      And questions can be answered at the Meeting, next Sunday before the voteing begins.

  1. The 1st year 3% lump sum payment versus a 3% GWI equals out to be a $9K loss in overall wages which will only compound itself year after year …
    Where is the non-economics for Sunnyvale/Santa Cruz/Vandenberg?

  2. You all did a great job. Thank you for your hard work. Maybe next time we will have more work active and we can get a bit more but in these times this is a fair deal in my opinion.

    1. Ditto.. would have been nice to have the top of range in 5 years, but this is overall better than I expected.. medical stays the same and a bump in pension.

  3. Only dissapointment (for me)is no raise in 2014, other than that I like it!
    Thanks for your efforts!! I know it was a lot of work for the committees.

  4. Now just maybe we can get more people to actually get involved or at least show to a few meetings so they will know what hard work these people have done for us. I will follow our vote no matter but reading and re reading it seems a pretty good deal with current workload and overall look of our industry, BUT do not think I will not support if the membership goes otherwise, We will stick together.

  5. The committee did a very nice job, outstanding under the current economic circumstances. However, I would have liked to have seen the pension go up to $100 dollars instead of $95, but I can live with that. We need to try to get more members involved with the union. That way, we can negotiate for a better contract next go around. Every time I go to the meetings, I only see a handful of people. There definitely needs to be more participation. One other thing that I would like to point out, is that many of our union brothers and sisters tend to vote for Republicans. These politicians do not care for the working class. They answer only to their corporate and 1% masters. They are out to screw the middle class, so don’t vote Republican.

    1. Yeah because the democrats do such a fine job themselves(see Obamacare). Democrats suck just as equally as republicans so dont spew your bullshit hate for republicans. Wake up guy, politicians only have one interest……themselves and their own agendas.

      1. Jeff I said Republicans, because they are the worst offenders. The Democrats on the other hand are not much better. I’m not going to argue with you about Obamacare. It leaves much to be desired. What I should have said, is that we need to elect politicians that are pro union, and have our backs. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I’m sorry if I did.

    1. Screw that, if you still have a pension you shouldn’t have a damn thing to complain about on this latest proposal. You can vote to strike all you want but if you guys bought the last contract we will certainly buy this one. Stop being an idiot.

  6. If you vote to strike you are a complete moron! The committee recommends this contract lnowing that if we strike we will end up with a much worse deal! If you are unhappy with this contract then you probably also voted for Obama worst president in history!

    1. “If you vote to strike you are a complete moron!”
      Not really…
      Remember the vote on the contract is a 50% +1 vote, a simple majority vote in other words.
      The actual Strike Vote is a 2/3 rds +1, a SUPERMAJORITY vote. Meaning we need a yes vote count of 67% to actually call a strike and to reopen negotiations during the strike.
      Imagine this, we turn down the contract offer 51% no, 49% yes…
      Strike vote is 64% Yes to strike and 36% say No to strike…
      We just ‘backdoored” the contract we just voted down.
      In other words, by not having 67% to approve a strike, we the membership, approved the contract offer anyway.
      Vote how you like on the contract itself, BUT, vote Yes to strike on the second ballot you will cast this Sunday at the Hall. Otherwise we will tie the hands of the Negotiating Committee if we turn down the contract.
      Withholding our labor is our only leverage after we turn down the contract.
      Alot of members I talk to don’t realise the strike vote isn’t a simple majority vote.
      Your other points I agree with…

    2. I did vote for Obama, and will not vote for this contract and you are
      the moron, and I have been waiting on someone to put this on Obama .
      Stop thinking about yourself and think about the people who will come after you.

  7. thank yall for all of the hard work. I will go with what the union recommends. thanks again. I am proud to be a member of local 709.

  8. The last time the committees recommended a contract first go around we bought into no pensions for the new hires …
    All I can say now is … make sure you get all the facts and have all your questions answered before the vote. Vote informed. The last contract, after it passed, some people were walking around in a daze because they said they didn’t understand what they were signing up for. Make sure your brothers and sisters understand this is for 4 yrs and the first year we get no pay raise. If this is all we can squeeze out, we better hope 7.5% over the next 4 yrs is enough to at least keep up with inflation. And if you think you can make anything up in the next contract you’re lying to yourself. Some of our union members are now living under a 2-tier system that once voted in will never go away.
    The companies position is to reduce and/or eliminate all expenditures that effect the bottom line. Our position should be to do right by our families, our union brothers/sisters (past, present, and future), and our communities.

    1. The ones that are saying that “we’ll make up next time” are complete fools and are the one that complain the most about what gets voted in.

    2. I truly agree with your post. Knowledge is power and evidently many members lack the knowledge. People really need to read and get informed on what’s going on. Do not vote for something just because someone encourages you to do so. Vote with your heart considering the fairness of what’s on the table compared to the last contract and your worth as an employee.

    3. MOST (59% as of the February roster) of our membership are now lying under a 2 tier system, though some hired since the 1993 contract and are working in a LG 15 or higher don’t realize it. All it takes is a surplus, and if the Company places them in a LG 14 or lower, will find themselves making $3/hour less than their pre-93 coworker. This reality is becoming more dramatic every year, as people retire out, this exception is becoming the rule.
      Time to get our priorities in order!!!

  9. Over all it is an ok contract. We the membership can relay to the new hires, that will be stuck with LMHW, that the “Committees Unamimously Recommend Ratification”.

  10. what about letter F that gives the company the right to open the contract at any time. is that gone hope so.
    what about APR .25 per every three months you asked for .50 for every three months where is that.
    Why dose the company get to say who can qualify for the 1,000 per year lay off by classification of head count

  11. Pg. 36 of 48, Section N states 10 times will be charged if employee doesn’t show up for overtime. This is another example of : Your penalizing everyone for those individuals who screw up! 4 times as it is now is bad enough in Palmdale. Why do you allow LOCKHEED MARTIN to punish everyone excessively . Average $40 hr x 8 x 10 =$3200. THATS WHAT THIS MEANS! (time and 1/2)

    1. 8 x 1.5 x 10= 120 Hours on the O/T list…

      Excessive I agree.
      But, if one doesn’t show up when they agree to, that’s O/T lost for another union member too.

      1. Yah true but when you are sick or your car is broken they Lockheed charge you 4 times now. If that doesn’t work then what? 10x, The Supervisors only report those that they want to. Don’t feel sorry for Lockheed, its your co-worker Im talking about.

        1. Trust me, I’m not feeling sorry for Lockheed at all.
          That’s when I go to my Co-worker and fuss at him…
          Sick, or the car broke are reasonable reasons for not showing up, and reason enough to not be charged. I have seen it happen.
          If you just blow the day off because it really nice outside, then you get charged. Especially when I hear “I just didn’t want to come in…”
          If I am reading correctly, the problem ones are the same ones who blow off O/T on a regular basis…

  12. I think its a good contract..probably not as good as the last one they told us not to take but really if you have been with l h m 30 years and your are gonna have 95 per month x years and you still can’t retire … that is on should have put money into the 401 k …..ive been a union member for 15 years in two diffent unions and I have always voted for the contract and I always vote I will strike…. I will walk the picket line if my union brothers and sisters say we walk the line and hold them out one more day..I walked the line for a month in Wichita Ks

  13. I would like to thank our committee for the hard work it took to avoid huge losses in pay and benefits. I’m sure it took a toll on the committee from looking at Dennis. He gave up the bottom half of his pants for this contract. I say this in jest only to tease Dennis. I support the committee’s recommendation for ratification. Our union needs a win and this contract, although not the greatest at least gives us modest gains in an environment that does not support unions. The media is just waiting to write about how Lockheed has again made a stand against the union. They won’t write about how the union negotiators provided their members standard of living security. I say, let’s continue to show solidarity and organize. I know others that work at non union shops wished they had someone to represent their needs.

    1. Its not OK to charge 10 times if someone can’t make it to work by accident on a weekend. I’ll have to buy a third car for extra insurance in case my car breaks down. There goes the sign in bonus and supplement. I HAVE TO VOTE NO BECAUSE OF THAT!

  14. How can anyone in this union feel good about the last few contracts? Those that think only about themselves are the ones! Union used to mean unified and numbers mattered. Does anyone remember the word “Brotherhood”? If we continue to vote in contracts that do nothing but screw new hires (future of our union) how in the hell do you expect the union to stay strong and new hires having respect for you? No wonder no one shows up to meetings! Disgusting!

  15. What happened with the upgrade for Repro? We were made to do the work of a labor grade 15 classification when we are a labor grade 8. And still are doing the work without any kind of compensation. We had a grievance in, it went to the 2nd step and haven’t heard anything back on it yet. I’m hoping this means that after the contract is settled we will be getting an upgrade or a different classification, and if we aren’t, does this mean that we can refuse to do the work? I believe in the current contract that if a higher classification is merged with a lower classification that we were supposed to automatically get the higher labor grade. What is going on???? We are very dissappointed that after our presentation, we didn’t get the upgrade. Thanks committee.

    From all of us in Repro

  16. Screwing the new guy on insurance sucks. You do need to remember that insurance does not matter come 2017. Obama has mad sure that we ALL are screwed on insurance plans. If insurance is the only reason you hate the contract, maybe you should consider the very near future.

    1. Insurance, I don’t see anywhere in the post it said insurance. It did say the last few contracts which have big time screwed new hires. Not only on insurance but pensions, pay tiers, wage progressions, classifications and on and on. Go to your union hall and look around. How many new hires has this brotherly union supported that are showing up for meetings? From what they’ve been handed for their future I don’t blame them. Just a matter of time the company won’t see any need to negotiate!

  17. This contract screws new hires it also is pathetic that a company making money hand over fist cant give a little more! And as for the union for as much as we pay this union I would expect to see some better results out of them. As for the membership what a pathetic weak excuse for a union no wonder they continue to rob us with their high union dues because most of the membership doesnt get involved!

  18. I would like to thank Perry, the Negotiating Committee and all the Union leadership for their hard work. As a 35 year employee and Union member, I can honestly say that under the current economic and political circumstances I don’t think anyone could have done any better. I am proud to tell ANYONE I am a Union member and to have these people leading us. Now it is time for the membership to step up and get more involved, not just in the day to day workings of our Union, but most importantly in recruiting NEW MEMBERS. With each non-member that is converted we become that much stronger. Point out to them just how much our Union means to them and that this contract is an example of what our Union can do. Tell them that ‘the Union supported you, now they should support the Union. Thanks again to our leadership for a job well done. When we stand together, we can move mountains.

  19. 0% – ZERO PERCENT RAISE in the first year!…. that is insane. Effectively cuts pay now and every year thereafter…FOREVER. How did we let the company talk us into that one?! Management must be very happy with themselves. I bet they’ll get a big bonus for that one. Worst raises I’ve ever seen. Don’t be fooled by the 3% lump sum. How about a 4% raise the first year instead…

    1. I have talked about this all day to everyone I see and all I get back is “I get to keep my insurance and that’s all that matters”. Once I ran the numbers using only 2.5% over the next 10 years we lose about $1300 to $1700 a year. People don’t seem to care/understand the long term effect of not getting a gwi this year!

      1. Its actually significantly more than that if you include overtime. I am looking at more than an $11,500 loss over the life of the contract alone. How can that possibly be a good contract? 11,500 or less than $3000 now? I am supposed to be happy loosing $8,500 to a company that is posting record profits?

        1. Oh, I forgot to mention those that are currently topped off lose too, nearly $5,800 over the course of the 4 years, assuming no overtime is worked.

          1. I did the calculations too, including overtime, and I also stand to lose about $11,500+ over the four year contract by forfeiting a 3% GWI the first year in exchange for a lousy 3% Lump Sum Bribe. (And a loss of about $3,000 per year after that contract is expired). Hey, we’ll help the company save Millions this way! Also, the pension percent increase has dropped by a whopping two-thirds since the increase a couple contracts ago. Stretching raises and pension increases over a four year contract makes things substantially worse than a three-year contract. Run the numbers and see for yourself… On the bright side, it looks like we might be able to max out our 401k Savings Plan to the Federal limit of $17,500, with OUR OWN MONEY. The company & contract had denied us of about $3,400 in allowable contributions in our current contract. That never made any sense as it would make no financial difference to the company.

    2. The Co. did not talk us into it. The Co. talked the Neg. Com. into it. That Doesn’t mean we have to accept it! But…the Neg. Com. knows this weak membership can’t pull of a successful strike, no Solidarity, remember??? If you’ve been at this Co. for any length of time you would know how weak this membership is.

  20. Does anybody have an answer as to what the “popup feature” is thats being included in the pension for those who retire in 2015 and later

    1. If it’s like the one in the salary retirement plan, if within the first five years after retirement your spouse, whom you have planned to continue receiving your retirement dies, you “pop up” back to the higher single retirement rate.

  21. How can someone say they forfeited a 3% GWI????? “Forfeited” implies that you had something to give up. As far as I know there was no guarantee of any GWI. If that matters most to you then vote no and if it passes then refuse to take the “bribe”. I have never seen one person give back their signing bonus. If you think you can get more by going on strike then do so brother! If you think you can do better then I suggest you run for the negotiation committee next time. I myself am more realistic about current economic conditions and know that I can either be grateful or be miserable. I support the negotiating committee because I know they worked hard and long to carve out a decent contract.

  22. The co. and the union are losing because the co. want pay decent pay for new hires
    And new hires want pay union dues and that why we are in the shape we are in now.
    Lockheed cannot keep workers at the pay they start new hires at now. We have to
    Many free riders & scabs in the plant. That one reason new hires don’t get support
    From the union. The new hires and free riders need to get in the union and you can
    Support the union and get better contracts.

  23. It would have only taken a 1% GWI to double the “lump sum” payment over the life of the contract based on the companies average worker’s rate and that doesn’t include overtime.

  24. I worked for Lockheed Martain for 43 years before I retired. The union has lost money and benefits since 2005. I will inform you the real world about the company and the grand lodge position. The union talks you into striking and will not stand up to you members or the company they are a bunch wimps. The grand lodge are in bed with the company and laugh how stupid the employees are. You employees don’t have a chance. You will have to accept what the company gives you. The only way you are going to win is to tell the union and grand lodge to go to hell. Get you a different union that will back you up and fight for you. You don’t need the current union.

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