Your Negotiating Commitees

Your negotiating committees fought like hell for the membership. Despite your personal opinion of what transpired during negotiations — Thank Your Committee Members! They did the work of the membership. They represented you in true Fighting Machinists style and they ought to be commended for it.

24 thoughts on “Your Negotiating Commitees

  1. It was totally unnecessary to put “Despite your personal opinion of what transpired during negotiations.” Just post the facts without the drama. Drama belongs in the comment section.

    1. Though we may disagree with the reasons or results of the battle, we should always commend those for serving. These folks deserve praise for the work they did regardless of what you may think of the outcome. That’s all I was trying to convey brother.

  2. thanks brothers & sisters for your hard work. I”ve been thru a few of these and hopefully no more. this company used to be a great place to work until the merger, now it”s a struggle just to get there every day and not be fired.

    1. i agree,… not only has all the morals AND fun been taken out of reporting to LM everyday… it’s all you can do just to keep a job there.. i pray to leave at the earliest possible day i can! all the Co does is look to get rid of you, regardless of your commitment to them, your commute each day, and all the years you put in for building and maintaining their product.. i just pray to see that day for myself and hopefully this is the last contract i will be working there… Good job Negotiating Committee.. i do commend you for the job you do, just working with the LM stiffs during these times must be chore in itself

  3. If the contract is going from 3 years to 4, lets at least get pension to $100 instead of 95.
    Isn’t the age group of the union much concerned about the pension?

  4. Thanks for your work!!! Tough Job under difficult conditions. I appreciated the updates that showed how obstinate the company was being.

  5. Thank you committee and Lockheed for not doing to us what Boeing did to their members. Maybe in the future, if economic times get better the next contract will get a bit better.

  6. Many members from our union will complain about what is offered on this contract. I’ve seen better contracts, but I’ve also seen a lot worst [I worked for Lockheed Ontario in the 90s]! A few will thank you for your efforts.
    I would like to thank all the IAM negotiating committee members for their efforts in trying to get a decent future contract with a company that doesn’t appreciate its workforce.
    Regardless of how you our brothers and sisters wish to vote, yes or no on accepting this contract, be sure to vote to strike on the second half of the ballet. If we turn down this contract but don’t have enough votes to strike then we bought it anyway.
    Again negotiating committee members THANK YOU for taking on this thankless job.
    Scooter Wilso_ (I didn’t put my whole name down so nobody will know who wrote this).
    Also Dennis, Shorty SHORTS and FLIP FLOPS? Come on man!

  7. Thank you negotiating committee!! Of course there are things in the last, best and final that we don’t like, but we think you did a great job considering what you were up against. Lockheed is a greedy company. They’re stock prices have never been higher than they are now. Yet, they offer their work force just enough to keep the majority from striking and want us to believe they are giving us a great contract. We all know better.

  8. Thanks :) I’m sure it was not easy to sit, listen and understand all those proceedings.

    Now where do we ask the questions of what some of this lawyer talk means??

    1. There is going to be a BBQ at the union hall this Thursday 12 to 5:30 I believe. Committee members will be there to talk about the contract.
      Ask your steward or look on your union bulletin board for the flyer, or call the union hall ext. 23318.

  9. Thanks for the hard work. wish the offer for 1000 a year could be offered to all with 25
    years + service. 30,000 may get a few to retired so the new hires could get upgrades to better paying jobs.

  10. Thanks to the negotiating committee for not giving in to the original craptacular offer they threw at you, but fighting for better numbers & conditions…you have exposed some tricks that I believe other companies will try to use on other, similar memberships. Great Job!

    1. The pop-up feature is when you retire and take the spouse gets paid your pension after you die option and the spouse dies before the member, the member’s monthly pension payment increases.
      Google it for more info, that is the basics.

  11. when will the company post who is will be offered the 30,000 retirement package our department is the one that merged with plastic tooling and the tool and die group, 10 of them coming in have seniority over us younger guys, were a small group of 28 with the merger I”am sure there will be a surplus, 4 to 6 guys are looking to retire the sooner the company lets them know the sooner they can go it may save some of there jobs

  12. the committee did a good job, wish they would have did a better job researching the skilled trade merger, these trades are normally completed at a trade school with a 2 or 4 year program, which are just about obslete, you can not cross train these jobs down in training in 2 weeks I”am hearing OJT wonder whos going to train them??? how much is the company is willing to spend on cross training, many problems down the line for this group, overtime and laser tracker big concerns, the laser is only another way to measure you still have to apply the system to the tool and then at that point you can do the task, this should be interesting.

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