2/18/14 Morning Negotiations Update

Below is a recap of the economic proposals that have been going back and forth over the last week:

02-12-14: The Union presented to the Company the Union’s initial economics proposal. The proposals for all three sites can be found Here.

02-14-14: The Company presented to the Union their initial economics proposal. The proposals for all three sites can be found Here.

02-17-14: The Union presented to the Company the Union’s second economics proposal. The proposals for all three sites can be found Here.

Today all committees are currently meeting with company representatives. As information becomes available it will be provided to you.

Now, a message from the Palmdale negotiating committee:

1. Yesterday your committees presented a counter proposal which can be found here. We are looking for Pension Plan Increases, H-Cap increases, and 401k increases.

2. The company has only offered LM HealthWorks – at TWICE the PRICE of Kaiser. We have repeatedly asked why they want LM HealthWorks at TWICE the PRICE and their consistent response is that the Corporate bosses want it! If we want choice in our healthcare we need to voice our opposition to the company’s position! Everyone has to ask themselves if they are READY TO STRIKE for your choice of Healthcare.

3. Your committee is also asking for a $.50 increase in ARP schedule to help new people get to the top of the pay rate faster.

4. We passed to the Company our General Wage Increase proposal – 5%, 4%, 4% – and $1,100 COLA supplements.

5. The Company still wants to have rotating Emergency layoff, which effectively ignores Senority protections. They continue to press us on calculating overtime based on 40 hours paid in a work week. Company representatives claim they have major problems in some of the areas of the plant and want to make everybody’s wage schedule change as a result.

6. We are meeting with company representatives today – Pray for Us.

Palmdale Negotiating Committee

And for those members whose committees did not provide a report, I give you some humor for today (Click Here) with the hope that you will look forward to the report that they will provide you in the near future. We are all working very hard and we ask for your patience with us as we negotiate with those who are company representatives.

3 thoughts on “2/18/14 Morning Negotiations Update

  1. If you unwilling to print the truth as I stated in my comments yesterday, then I have no futher comments.That might be part of our problem we are not willing to tell it like it is. There was no profanity and nothing that the union could get sued for ,and I signed my name.

    1. What “truth” are u referring to brother?

      Committee reports are provided to the membership in a real time fashion. This means that committees have to base their reports on the information as they have it in front of them at the time.

      Perhaps if you were more specific about what you are referring to your committee can provide you with the information you feel that you need.

  2. Please focus on travel pay for all. The $4.00/hr is appealing. Also, the ability to collect straight per diem would be nice (“amount set by the IRS”) but the language needs clarified. Something like “Straight per diem rates for meals as set by the IRS”.

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