2/15/14 Economic Negotiations Update

All committees worked hard today toward developing an economic counter proposal to what company representatives provided us yesterday. Each committee met separately this morning and then we spent the afternoon in a joint meeting of all three committees.

As you can see from the company’s counter proposal, both sides are very far apart. Your committee will continue to bargain with company representatives in order to bring about a fair and equitable contract for you and your family, but we need you to do your part.

Our Union is Strong! It is time to let your supervisor know how strong we are by voicing your opposition to their counter proposal! Let this weekend be the calm before the storm! They need to hear it from you!



2/12/14 Negotiations Update

As posted earlier today, your negotiations committee proposed your economic proposals to company representatives.

There is also an issue regarding your work week and how overtime is calculated. Flyers regarding this issue are posted below.

Palmdale Marietta Sunnyvale

All committees were working this afternoon with company representatives to conclude the non-economic portions of collective bargaining. As details on these outstanding items become available you will be informed by your committee on this blog. Clearly, company representatives are moving incredibly slow on counter proposals. At this point we are in a holding pattern until the company responds to the proposals on the table. Stay tuned…