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2/3/14 Negotiations Update

Today’s Non-Economic Negotiations concluded locally. It was agreed that both parties will address the remaining proposals and reconvene just prior to Economic Negotiations in Palm Springs, Ca. on February 10,2014. There were approximately 17 Tentative Agreements between the Union and Company to date.

We are going to give you the bad First

The company is standing firm on the remaining issues, like shrinking your Labor Relations Committee and nearly gutting the LRC in Santa Cruz. It is obvious the Company is trying to further control the membership and its rights granted within the grievance procedure and in upcoming negotiations. Here is a snap shot of what has happened so far:

  • The union proposed to strike “pickets” language that strips ours membership ability to informational pickets. The company took a very hard position that they don’t think its necessary to allow their employees to voice their opinions. We reminded the Company that it is every Americans  inalienable right as afforded by the U.S. Constitution. THE COMPANY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO TELL ANYONE HOW THEY TREAT YOU. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE???


  • The company has agreed in principle to an electronic grievance form. We had proposed this in the last negotiations, they were receptive this time, however, even though they have agreed to go with an electronic grievance form, they still want to control what is on the form. Remember these are union grievance forms not the company’s.


  • The union also proposed striking language that would prevent the union itself from filing a union grievance against the company for what we would consider new technology. As it is now, if there is “new technology” we have to file an individual grievance.  


  • The union also proposed language that would shorten the appeal times for EPN’s to be grievable if they were not removed within that timeframe. However the company still balks and likes it very much that your disciplines can be kept in your file forever. The Company stated at the negotiating table that infractions should stay in the employee file forever. We highly disagree!!


  • The union also put in a proposal that the company, if they have an investigation on a bargaining unit employees, they would make the best effort to conclude the investigations within 23 working days-similar to the amount of time that stewards have the file grievances. THE COMPANY REFUSES TO GIVE UP OPEN ENDED INVESTIGATIONS.


  • We also proposed that the company deal with downgrades laterals and trainees  the same way they do for promotions. There is currently no language to support what we proposed. They again refused.


  • Another simple proposal your union presented was to document whenever a bargaining unit employee is given a temporary assignment and that there would be a record of such assignment. Also that they would get paid immediately. The current language allows for the temporary assignee to be paid once every quarter. As a matter of fact the company was willing to horse trade this language if we allowed them to have Labor Relations involved, by contract, in the distribution of mandatory overtime. We don’t need or want any more Labor Relations involvement. The involvement of Labor Relations is more divisive that helpful to the employee/management relationship.


  • Company proposed amending the current attendance plan that cuts the “get well time” in half thereby allowing more bargaining unit employees to have attendance infractions and to have disciplinary actions served to them. In other words it would make it easier for the company to get rid of you. The union took a very strong stand against the attendance plan, your union prevailed, and accepted the company’s withdrawal of their proposal.


You see where we are going with this. These some of the things we have had to deal with as your committee. Check again tomorrow for more information. 


Your Committee

1/31/14 Negotiations Update

Your negotiating committee met with the company this morning. The company gave answers to a good number of our proposals, some are still under review, and there were some tentative agreement signed today.

When we met later in the afternoon the aforementioned  tentative agreements were signed. We were about to agree on a proposal, however, the company insisted that it was part of the package that they had withdrawn in relation to another one of their company proposals, which they withdrew, and then there was a lot of discussion about this. If you are confused about what we just said then you should have been at the table.

It is obvious that there comes a time to retire prior to looking foolish.

The Company proposed to involve Labor relations in overtime distribution issues in conjunction with Management. Your committee told the company we are not interested in having Labor Relations involved in the overtime distribution situations. The Company also wants to reduce the size of our LRC and negotiations committees by merging the Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz committees. We told them that we are not interested; the company was visibly upset.

Your negotiating committee also brought out the inconsistencies in the un-coded letters. It appears that some un-coded letters have been changed to not reflect the last best and final offer from the last negotiations and we’re going to take this issue up on Monday morning. It is going to get hot in negotiations if someone intentionally falsified documents. We will keep you informed as details emerge!

It is needless to say that today’s negotiations were tense and did not go well!!!

Keep the faith.. we got a ways to go…


1/30/14 Negotiations Update

Your Negotiating Committee made great progress today. We will list the TAs soon! Stay Tuned…

The Company withdrew many of their proposals. The Economic Negotiations will start up in Palm Springs in early February where we will meet with the committees from Palmdale and Marietta. 

The Strike Committee has met today at your Union Hall and is putting together Strike Duty Rosters. They have made contact with local officials, the local labor councils of the surrounding counties as well as other local agencies that can support us if we decide to strike.

 Thank you for all the overwhelming support you are showing and your willingness to take the ultimate actions if necessary. It is good to know that you are behind us while we are at the table on your behalf.

Keep coming back to this site. There will be much more information as the non-economic negotiations conclude, which may be in the next couple of days.


 Your Committee

1/29/14 Negotiations Update

Your Negotiations Committee formally submitted several counter proposals to the Company. We reached tentative agreement on some issues and hope to have them signed off on the morning of the 30th (tomorrow).

There has been an agreement in principal to bring the grievance form into the 21st century; by moving away from the NCR form currently used to an electronic form to be filled out on a computer and printed out for processing. There is currently a committee working on the form for usage at all sites within the CEG’s.  We are hopeful that this committee’s recommendation will result in a Tentative Agreement with the company to update this process in a way that is beneficial for both parties, but time will tell; stay tuned. 

NOTE:  Tentative agreements (TAs) are items we have come to agreement on with the company.  All TAs will be in the Last Best and Final Offer for you to consider for ratification.

We hope to have a list of Tentative Agreements posted to this web site soon.

Remember to stay tuned to this website for further updates.


Your negotiations committee

1/28/14 Negotiations Update

Your negotiating committee continues to work towards coming to resolution in many areas of your contract language with the company. Job studies continued this morning with the company proposing language changes to many job descriptions and to deactivate “unpopulated jobs” — this we have to investigate for we have to make sure that jobs slated for deactivation are not positions that our members may have recall rights or retreat rights to. Many of the changes submitted to your committee stated language inferring the application of certifications where required.

Your committee has also filed five unfair labor practice charges against Lockheed Martin within the last week:

January 21, 2014 – unfair labor practice on failure to provide requested information to the union and it has disregarded the numerous request for providing said information
January 23, 2014 - direct dealing with the union employees by changing working conditions in failing to meet with the appropriate union representative to discuss said changes.
January 27, 2014 - direct dealing with the union employees and changing working conditions and failing to make the appropriate representative to discuss said changes in regards to TDY
January 28, 2014 – engaging in aggressive bargaining during negotiations and have changed the working conditions of the represented employees without negotiating said changes with the union.

The National Labor Relations Board has assigned an investigator to investigate the first direct dealing charge against Lockheed Martin.

Through the company’s proposals they are indicating strongly that they enjoy their control and do not wish to give up the simplest items that your committee is offering to clarify. It is becoming very clear to this committee that Labor Relations through its proposal is trying to gain control of this company and take more functions away from your direct supervisor. It is hard to tell who is running the company at this point; Labor Relations or line management.

Make sure to tell your brothers and sisters to come to this website Where they can get news updates from your negotiating committee.

The time has come for us as union brothers and sisters to take back control of our destiny. We ARE prepared and now ready. Now our membership must be ready to take the appropriate actions!!!

It’s time to take a stand!!
Be ready for bold and swift action!!
We will not go backwards!!!!

1/27/14 Negotiations Update

Today we resumed negotiations with the company.  Your negotiating committee and the company exchanged redrafted proposals and have reached tentative agreements on five issues. Your committee is busy writing counterproposals and engaging the company in issues involving the grievance procedure, seniority, and other items of great importance to all of us and our families in non-economics. We will be meeting tomorrow with the company to hear their job studies proposals.  Vandenberg Air Force Base as well as Cape Canaveral Air Force Base are also meeting with company representatives on their local issues as well. Progress is proceeding as expected.

 Pass the word along to your brothers and sisters on the shop floor and tell them to keep coming back to this website we will have updates and let you know what is going on as it unfolds.


Your Negotiating Committee

1/23/14 Negotiations Update

Today, company representatives and your negotiating committee completed their initial pass of proposals in the areas of non-economic, coded letters, and un-coded letters.

Both sides then engaged in lively discussions and answered questions regarding the proposals. Your committee asked for further information regarding some of the un-coded letters that the company wishes to eliminate. Tentative agreements were reached on three items:

 -The first tentative agreement was for un-coded letters with regard to hire notices for the AMS transition from LMSC employees.

 -The second tentative agreement was for un-coded letters concerning the document control employees and classifications that provide recall rights to fill positions.

 -The third tentative agreement was the removal of the EAP joint agreement, which the company, citing the language within that agreement, terminated months ago.

This is pretty interesting considering the representatives of the company have considered the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to be a shining star; a crowning achievement by the company in its ongoing effort to work with your union and to better the lives of members and their families.

 The COMPANY terminated the letter months ago which in effect killed it. Today they buried the corpse. IT WAS THE COMPANY THAT WITHDREW FROM THE PROGRAM AND THEN TERMINATED THE LETTER!!! Your negotiating committee is outraged that the company, by their very action today, would withdraw from a program that has provided such help and support to our members and their families. APPARENTLY THIS IS HOW MUCH THEY CARE ABOUT YOU TODAY!!!

 Your committee has plans to address the employee assistance program with the help of the International at some point in the near future.

1/22/14 Negotiations Update

The second day of negotiations has seen your committee submitting your non-economic proposals to the company. We are currently finalizing our packages containing Coded and Un-Coded Letters. Tomorrow we will be submitting them to the company. In the following days both the company and your negotiating committee will be engaging in lively discussions, however, we expect things to get interesting soon.

Please continue to check in for further negotiations updates.