1/23/14 Negotiations Update

Today, company representatives and your negotiating committee completed their initial pass of proposals in the areas of non-economic, coded letters, and un-coded letters.

Both sides then engaged in lively discussions and answered questions regarding the proposals. Your committee asked for further information regarding some of the un-coded letters that the company wishes to eliminate. Tentative agreements were reached on three items:

 -The first tentative agreement was for un-coded letters with regard to hire notices for the AMS transition from LMSC employees.

 -The second tentative agreement was for un-coded letters concerning the document control employees and classifications that provide recall rights to fill positions.

 -The third tentative agreement was the removal of the EAP joint agreement, which the company, citing the language within that agreement, terminated months ago.

This is pretty interesting considering the representatives of the company have considered the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to be a shining star; a crowning achievement by the company in its ongoing effort to work with your union and to better the lives of members and their families.

 The COMPANY terminated the letter months ago which in effect killed it. Today they buried the corpse. IT WAS THE COMPANY THAT WITHDREW FROM THE PROGRAM AND THEN TERMINATED THE LETTER!!! Your negotiating committee is outraged that the company, by their very action today, would withdraw from a program that has provided such help and support to our members and their families. APPARENTLY THIS IS HOW MUCH THEY CARE ABOUT YOU TODAY!!!

 Your committee has plans to address the employee assistance program with the help of the International at some point in the near future.

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