1/28/14 Negotiations Update

Your negotiating committee continues to work towards coming to resolution in many areas of your contract language with the company. Job studies continued this morning with the company proposing language changes to many job descriptions and to deactivate “unpopulated jobs” — this we have to investigate for we have to make sure that jobs slated for deactivation are not positions that our members may have recall rights or retreat rights to. Many of the changes submitted to your committee stated language inferring the application of certifications where required.

Your committee has also filed five unfair labor practice charges against Lockheed Martin within the last week:

January 21, 2014 – unfair labor practice on failure to provide requested information to the union and it has disregarded the numerous request for providing said information
January 23, 2014 - direct dealing with the union employees by changing working conditions in failing to meet with the appropriate union representative to discuss said changes.
January 27, 2014 - direct dealing with the union employees and changing working conditions and failing to make the appropriate representative to discuss said changes in regards to TDY
January 28, 2014 – engaging in aggressive bargaining during negotiations and have changed the working conditions of the represented employees without negotiating said changes with the union.

The National Labor Relations Board has assigned an investigator to investigate the first direct dealing charge against Lockheed Martin.

Through the company’s proposals they are indicating strongly that they enjoy their control and do not wish to give up the simplest items that your committee is offering to clarify. It is becoming very clear to this committee that Labor Relations through its proposal is trying to gain control of this company and take more functions away from your direct supervisor. It is hard to tell who is running the company at this point; Labor Relations or line management.

Make sure to tell your brothers and sisters to come to this website Where they can get news updates from your negotiating committee.

The time has come for us as union brothers and sisters to take back control of our destiny. We ARE prepared and now ready. Now our membership must be ready to take the appropriate actions!!!

It’s time to take a stand!!
Be ready for bold and swift action!!
We will not go backwards!!!!

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