1/29/14 Negotiations Update

Your Negotiations Committee formally submitted several counter proposals to the Company. We reached tentative agreement on some issues and hope to have them signed off on the morning of the 30th (tomorrow).

There has been an agreement in principal to bring the grievance form into the 21st century; by moving away from the NCR form currently used to an electronic form to be filled out on a computer and printed out for processing. There is currently a committee working on the form for usage at all sites within the CEG’s.  We are hopeful that this committee’s recommendation will result in a Tentative Agreement with the company to update this process in a way that is beneficial for both parties, but time will tell; stay tuned. 

NOTE:  Tentative agreements (TAs) are items we have come to agreement on with the company.  All TAs will be in the Last Best and Final Offer for you to consider for ratification.

We hope to have a list of Tentative Agreements posted to this web site soon.

Remember to stay tuned to this website for further updates.


Your negotiations committee

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