1/30/14 Negotiations Update

Your Negotiating Committee made great progress today. We will list the TAs soon! Stay Tuned…

The Company withdrew many of their proposals. The Economic Negotiations will start up in Palm Springs in early February where we will meet with the committees from Palmdale and Marietta. 

The Strike Committee has met today at your Union Hall and is putting together Strike Duty Rosters. They have made contact with local officials, the local labor councils of the surrounding counties as well as other local agencies that can support us if we decide to strike.

 Thank you for all the overwhelming support you are showing and your willingness to take the ultimate actions if necessary. It is good to know that you are behind us while we are at the table on your behalf.

Keep coming back to this site. There will be much more information as the non-economic negotiations conclude, which may be in the next couple of days.


 Your Committee

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