1/31/14 Negotiations Update

Your negotiating committee met with the company this morning. The company gave answers to a good number of our proposals, some are still under review, and there were some tentative agreement signed today.

When we met later in the afternoon the aforementioned  tentative agreements were signed. We were about to agree on a proposal, however, the company insisted that it was part of the package that they had withdrawn in relation to another one of their company proposals, which they withdrew, and then there was a lot of discussion about this. If you are confused about what we just said then you should have been at the table.

It is obvious that there comes a time to retire prior to looking foolish.

The Company proposed to involve Labor relations in overtime distribution issues in conjunction with Management. Your committee told the company we are not interested in having Labor Relations involved in the overtime distribution situations. The Company also wants to reduce the size of our LRC and negotiations committees by merging the Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz committees. We told them that we are not interested; the company was visibly upset.

Your negotiating committee also brought out the inconsistencies in the un-coded letters. It appears that some un-coded letters have been changed to not reflect the last best and final offer from the last negotiations and we’re going to take this issue up on Monday morning. It is going to get hot in negotiations if someone intentionally falsified documents. We will keep you informed as details emerge!

It is needless to say that today’s negotiations were tense and did not go well!!!

Keep the faith.. we got a ways to go…


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